Paxos and Antipaxos

There are various boat excursions to visit the popular islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. In high season there are daily boat excursion from Parga and Sivota to the islands. The boats sail almost the same route, they first sail to Antipaxos and then to Paxos, where they always stop at the capital of the island, Gaïos. They then continue to either the Blue Caves or the Small Caves. 

On board you can buy food and drinks, but you can also take your own. The journey across the Ionion will take about 1hr and 20mins, if you are lucky you may see dolphins, the captain will normally sound the horn to let you know! Once you arrive at Voutomi bay of Anti-Paxos, the boat is stopped off the coast. You can jump from the boat or enter the water via the steps. The water is crystal clear and you have about half an hour for a short swim.

Then the boat continues towards Paxos. The boat visits the Blue Caves and even sails into the cave and you may have the unique opportunity to swim through the caves yourself. A very beautiful experience. After the Blue Caves you sail towards Gaïos. Along the way you will see even more beautiful caves and nature. Entering the harbor is a beautiful journey and you arrive around 2pm. Until 4pm you are free to explore the town and have lunch. There are taverns along the boulevard. You'll need your ticket to board the boat and many people go into the sea right next to the harbor while they are waiting. You will arrive back in Parga or Sivota around 5:30pm.

It is worth noting that the amount of shade on the boats could be limited, so do take sunscreen. And also take into account the “culture” of a boat when booking. There are boats that are more for young people, where loud music is played all day, while on other boats it is nice and quiet. The boats all leave at around 10am. However, if you want to choose a nice spot, make sure you are there at least half an hour before departure.
Ask at reception for more details or for booking in advance.

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