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Τhe village of Perdika is located on the coastal road between the tourist resorts of Sivota and Parga.  One of the largest villages in Thesprotia, its residents come from different regions of Greece and it is this variety of people which has created an area of wide cultural interest.  The main preoccupation over the years has been olive cultivation, which characterises the village. Over the last twenty years, Perdika has become known as one of the most authentic destinations in Thesprotia.  With its unique beaches, hospitable hosts, excellent gastronomy and faith in tradition, it is an opportunity to get to know a place with all of your senses.  

The Beaches

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Perdika's coastline has many types of beaches to choose from. They are all different and the largest is Karavostasi, but they all have something to offer.  We can tell you about each beach, but why not discover them for yourselves! They are: 

* Prapamali
* Karavostasi
* Stavrolimena
* Arilla
* Sofas
* Agali
* Mega Drafi
* Kamini
* Sarakiniko
* Ayia Paraskevi
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The historical importance and picturesque landscape of Parga, make it a village that deserves a visit during your stay here. Take a walk through the narrow alleyways filled with local products and gifts, visit the Castle of Parga, or go on one of the many excursions available to visitors.


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The nearby village of Sivota is about  15 kilometres from Karavostasi. Its harbour has boats and taxi boats to rent and gives visitors the opportunity to visit small bays and coves that are not accessible by car or on foot.  There are also daily excursions available to Paxos and Anti Paxos.

Agia Paraskevi

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At this graphic beach, you will find the church of Agia Paraskevi. You can swim to the islet, and you can also find small restaurants with a variety of cuisines.


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At the small port of Arilla you will find a sandy beach with shallow water. You can have fun enjoying some of the sea sports activities or enjoy dinner in one of the restaurants, with a view of the harbour. An ideal beach for families with young children.

Dimokastro Ancient Elina

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The archaeological site of Dimokastro or ancient Elina is on the left side of Karavostasi at the top of the mountain called The Three Sisters. You can visit the area on foot. The settlement was founded in the 4th century BC and ancient archaeological findings are displayed  in the Museum of Igoumenitsa. While  you are visiting the site you can admire the magnificent view of all the Ionian Sea, from this ideal location.


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The region of Epirus, on the northwest coast of Greece is perfect for people who want to combine the sun, the sea, wonderful landscapes and local culture. It is well known that this region has the best natural surroundings  in all of Greece. The combination of green mountains and blue sea is beautiful.  Inland there is also a lot of cultural and historical sightseeing to do. Epirus is shaped by the Pindus mountain range which gradually sweeps down westward towards the Ionion Sea. The highest point is 2600 meters, where you will find the Vikos-Aoos National Park. Deep valleys such as the well-known Vikos Gorge are crossed by rivers like the Kalama and Acheronta, famed for their natural beauty.

Epirus is divided into four prefectures Ioannina, Arta, Preveza and Thesprotia. We are in the Thesprotia, here the coastline has a few steep beaches and many large and small bays, this region of Greece is justifiably known as 'Thesprotia of good ports'.
Igoumenitsa is the capital of the region and is today one of the most important harbours, not only in Greece, but also in Europe.

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