The Meteora Monasteries

(180km - 2hours 45 mins)  

It is possible to visit the renowned rock formations of Meteora, one of the most beautiful places in Greece, and the second most popular attraction, after the Akropolis. Being one of the most striking and impressive natural monuments in the world this site is protected by Unesco World heritage and is well worth a visit. 

The Meteora monasteries are situated in Kalambaka, Trikala and it is quite a long journey. You can travel by car, but keep in mind that the parking spaces fill up quickly especially in high season. Some of our guests also prefer to take it easy and book a nearby hotel room for a night in order to get an early start the next morning. If you want to avoid the parking situation there are also one-day excursions available. Ask at reception for more information. 

When you visit Meteora, you must also respect the modest dress code, in the holy Meteora there are still Monks and Nuns living there. For men, this means that you absolutely should not wear shorts, only long trousers. For women, shorts and trousers are not allowed, it is best to wear a long skirt. Women are also not allowed to enter with bare schoulders, arms or belly. When you buy the entrance tickets, they normally also check your clothing. If you are not dressed appropriately you will not be allowed to enter. They usually have some trousers/skirts/shoulder scarves to borrow, however it is best to be prepared in advance, out of respect for the monastery and the religion. 

Also keep in mind that some of the Monasteries have between 150 to 300 steps. The only one without stairs is the St Stephens (Agio Stefano) monastery. If you have physical limitations, the views around Meteora and the St Stephen’s monastery are still fabulous! However, they do not have any real access or facilities for disabled people.  

Inside monasteries there are incredible paintings and chapels, however taking photos is not allowed. You also cannot take photos of the nuns or monks. If you want to have a keepsake you can buy postcards / books at the gift shop.  

Six of the 24 monasteries are open to the public and each one has its own opening hours. It is almost impossible to visit all the monasteries in one day because of the distances between the monasteries and also because there is always one monastery closed for one day in the week. The entrance fee to each monastery is €3.00. For children under 12 years entrance is free and they don't have to conform with the dress code.

Plenty of information to take in account but it is still well worth taking the time to visit the picturesque monasteries for a wonderful, unique and magical experience. Be prepared with water, good shoes, and plenty of stamina! The Monastery opening hours are as follows:

The Great Meteoron / Megalo Meteoro 

The Great Meteoron Monastery is situated on the biggest rock of the Meteora, called ‘Platys Lithos’ (wide rock). 
9.00 – 15.00 (Closed every Tuesday)

The Varlaam Monastery  

The Varlaam Monastery is directly opposite the Great Meteoron. 
9.00 – 16.00 (Closed every Friday) 

The Saint Stephen Monastery 

This monastery is run by nuns. 
9.00 – 13.30 and 15.30 – 17.30 (Closed every Monday) 

The Saint Nicholas Monastery 

This is situated on one of the most impressive rocks of the Meteora. 
9.00 - 17.00 (Closed every Friday) 

The Rousanou Monastery 

This is a monastery is run by nuns. 
10.00 – 16.00 (Closed every Wednesday) 

The Holy Trinity Monastery 

This monastery has the most dramatic location.
9.00 – 16.30 (Closed every Thursday) 

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