Beaches Perdika

Karavostasi Beach

500m (5 min walk) - coarse sand / deep water entry

Karavostasi beach is the largest beach in the Thesprotia. “Karavostasi” translated into English means “Ships stop”. Reminding us that it was once used as a natural harbor. The beach is characterized by its unique coarse sand that slopes steeply into the sea. The water at Karavostasi beach is refreshingly cool and remarkably clear. The beach is surrounded by lush green hills and mountains with on the southern side the archeological site of Dimokastro with breathtaking views of the Ionion coast. The beach is also known for offering mesmerizing sunset views due to its western location.

Several snack bars and restaurants are located a short distance from the beach and offer a variety of food and drinks. In addition, there are sunbeds and umbrellas available for visitors to use for a small amount per day, but even in high season the beach is spacious enough to also just put up a parasol and put down your own towel. Showers are available on the beach.

For most of the summer there is a lifeguard on the beach, warning flags are used if large waves are expected. There are a variety of water sports and boat rentals on offer, plenty of parking space, a ramp for disabled visitors and the beach is kept clean and well maintained, making for an enjoyable visit for everyone.


Stavrolimena Beach

2,5km - Shell sand / normal water entry

A small, protected bay hidden among the olive trees with clear turquoise water and white shell sand. Level water entrance. Stavrolimena beach has sunbeds and umbrellas available and a cantina for snacks and drinks.

This beach is easily accessible, it is located near the road and there is parking right on the beach but can be moderately busy during the season. This is the only designated beach in the area where dogs are officially allowed.


Arilla Beach

2,5km - Fine sand / shallow water entry

arilla port perdika

Arilla beach is known for its calm, crystal clear waters, making it a family-friendly destination, especially for families with young children. The striking features of this beach are the village of Arilla overlooking the beach from high above and its long narrow stretch of sand which provides enough space for visitors to comfortably set up their umbrellas and beach chairs. The beach is characterized by its shallow waters, which remain around waist height even after walking 15 meters into the sea! The smooth sand and shallow water make it a safe spot for experienced swimmers and beginners alike. For younger visitors, the beach has an inflatable water park.

Arillas beach is equipped with several amenities, including showers for visitors. There are restaurants and parking above the beach area, which is convenient for visitors traveling by car, and a small harbor for local fishing boats, day trips, boat rentals and visiting yachts.

Katsonisi Beach

5,5km - Pebbly sand / normal to deep water entry

One of the best kept secrets in the area. Serene beauty with clear turquoise water and pebbly sand. This beach is not easy to reach by car (around 25mins drive once off-road) and the journey is certainly not for the faint hearted. Parking is extremely limited and the walk down to the beach will take another 10mins. Is it worth the trouble? Yes, it certainly is but we recommend that visitors rent a boat and visit this exquisite location via the sea.

Sofas Beach

9km - Pebbly sand / normal water entry

Sofas beach is the first beach on the main road towards Sivota.

Its waters are crystal clear with level water entry. The beach has coarse sand and big pebbles. Water shoes recommended.
This is not an organized beach however just above the beach is the popular camping where you can get coffee and drinks from the bar and take them to the beach. You are also welcome to enjoy a meal at the camping’s restaurant.

Kamini Beach

10km - Pebbly / normal water entry

Kamini beach is a small, picturesque pebbled cove with deep bluegreen waters with sunbeds and umbrellas. Water shoes recommended.
This beach is easily accessible, it is located just under the road with plenty of parking. Worth a stop on the way back from Sivota to have a drink above the beach and enjoy the beautiful view.

Agali Beach 

10km - Pebbly sand / normal water entry

Agali beach is located in a very picturesque landscape between Kamini and Agia Paraskevi beaches. Access to it is only possible on foot from a path of about 50 meters from the road that you will find on your left, shortly after parking at Kamini beach.
The sandy beach consists of coarse pebbles and has crystal clear, cool turquoise waters with level water entry. Water shoes recommended.

It is suitable for visitors who are looking for quiet moments of relaxation away from the crowds.
At the nearby beaches Kamini and Agia Paraskevi you will find tavernas and cafes.

Agia Paraskevi 

10,5km - Sand pebbles / normal water entry

agia paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi beach is a small bay with a small lush green island opposite (just 150m), which also has a beach that visitors can swim to.  The seabed around the island is a popular spot for snorkeling and offers the opportunity to explore the underwater world.
On the road just above the beach is the Agia Paraskevi church which offers a beautiful view of the beach and the island. The church has its celebration on the 26th of July.

There are various amenities such as paddle boats and hydro boats available for visitors to hire and also sunbeds and parasols available to relax. Parking is available very close by and there is a lifeguard on duty. The beach is accessible to everyone, with a ramp for disabled visitors and level water entry.
Despite its popularity, the beach maintains a clean environment, although visitors are encouraged to help keep it that way.
It is worth noting that the beach can get crowded at times especially during high season, go early or in the late afternoon to be able to park and have some space on the beach.

Mega Drafi 

12km - Pebbly / normal water entry

Mega Drafi (Mega Trafi) is the last of Perdika’s beaches on the way to Sivota. 

This beach has coarse sand and pebbles, with small pebbles in the water for the first 5 meters, followed by large boulders. The waters at Mega Drafi beach are crystal clear with visibility of at least 15 meters, making it an ideal location for snorkeling and diving. The underwater landscape at Mega Drafi beach is unique, with rock walls descending directly to the seabed.
The beach is accessible by car and offers free parking for visitors. It has a beach bar and a tavern serving traditional Greek dishes. The beach also offers some natural shade after midday for visitors looking to cool off from the sun.
About 100 meters southwards you can reach a small beach called Micro Drafi, which has some coves to explore.

Despite its small size, Mega Drafi Beach is a popular spot for swimming. However, visitors are advised to visit in the morning as the water can become choppy and murky in the afternoon. Water shoes recommended.

Sivota Beaches - 

Mikri Ammos

13km - Pebbly sand / normal water entry

Mikri Ammos beach is medium sized sandy beach with small pebbles making it an ideal place for children. The beach is organized and offers amenities such as a beach bar where visitors can buy refreshments and snacks/meals. Sun loungers and parasols can be rented, providing a comfortable lounge atmosphere.

In terms of accessibility, the beach has a parking area, making it convenient for visitors who choose to drive. Mikri Ammos appeals to the youth especially as parties on the beach are frequently organized.

Mega Ammos

14km - Blue Flag beach - Pebbly / deep water entry 

Mega Ammos (Megali Ammos) beach is a picturesque destination known for its clear and turquoise waters. The beach has small to medium-sized pebbles, water schoes are recommended. The water at Mega Ammos Beach descends to deeper depths after a few meters, making it ideal for swimmers.
The beach is not only known for its natural beauty but is also well equipped with amenities. It offers sunbeds and umbrellas for a comfortable beach experience, snack bars and seafood restaurants are available for refreshments and meals. Facilities such as toilets and changing cabins are also provided for visitors. The beach is spacious and well maintained, adding to its appeal as a popular destination for both young people and families during the summer season.

Mega Ammos beach manages to maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The cleanliness and scenic views make it a must-visit place for anyone visiting the region. The beach has limited parking and visitors may need to park on the main road above.


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Prapamali Beach 

5km - Difficult access - Golden sands / normal water entry

Perdika’s most southern beach is Prapamali (Prapa Mali) beach, below Dimokastro it is also the last beach in Thesprotia before crossing over into Preveza. Rumour has it that the name derives from the Albanian language and means behind the mountain

This hidden gem is considered the best beach in Perdika, with its azure waters, golden sands and unspoiled nature visitors find themselves in an exotic location. On the northern side of the beach there is a small naturally protected bay which is shallower than the rest of the beach.
Getting to the beach over land is quite difficult, visitors have to go up to the Dimokastro mountain and down the western slope and then head south, past the three imposing rocks called the Three Sisters. Park near the fountain and walk down an unpaved/stone road through the wonderful olive trees. Parking is very limited and a 500m walk down the steep rocky slope is not easy, and don't forget that you will have to walk back up! However, it is well worth the effort. Visiting by boat is of course, also possible.

Parga Beaches -

Sarakiniko Beach

16km - Pebbly / Normal water entry

Not one of Perdika's own beaches but well worth a mention for guests visiting Parga.

Sarakiniko beach is tucked away in a small bay which helps keep the waters calm. The lush green hills and emerald colored waters make this a very romantic location. On both sides of the beach there are rocks which are popular for diving. And if you enjoy snorkeling, the marine life is rich and vibrant.
The beach is well organized and you can rent sunloungers and parasols. There is a bar and two taverns on the beach for refreshments and a shower and changing room on the beach. Due to its closeness to Parga this is a popular beach and can get quite busy in high season. Most of the taxi boats transporting visitors back to Parga do leave around 5pm.

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